Thursday, October 29, 2009

our death trap

Well, the last 3 days has been a sick situation...literally.
With the flu, mono, and 2 colds in our apt, I'm surprised Estef came out clean, although she feared breathing in our apartment...I don't blame her.
I was able to go to one class on Monday, and then I just stayed home the rest of the day, but did run to the store for a little. It made me sad that I started feeling worse once I got back, but it makes sense. That night I decided I would rather sleep with the mono, not the flu (the greater of the two) so I slept in brittneys room.

Tuesday - I missed 2 classes, went to math for 40minutes and walked home early, I'm surprised I didn't die on my way up to the Ricks building. I took a math test, kicked my butt... I was in there 2 hours and the testing center closed so I had to just randomly fill in ten questions on the bubble sheet. Once again, I slept in Brits room, hehehe I loved watching her watch Gilmore Girls, that poor girl is in such a daze, can't eat much, and poor mon mon looks dead everytime I dared walking into our room :P

WEDNESDAYYYY I called melina, poor girl is pretty dang sick in utah too.... so I pretty much decided I would rather be with sick melina with a cold, then mono and flu.... ha ha, so at 5:30 after I finished my class, I randomly packed and left for Ogden :) The drive was nice, it felt like only me and the road, seemed like no one else was driving. I got to Ogden at 8 and took care of my melina, bought some tissues with "vicks" in it...melina hates them, I would suggest not buying them... and then we went to bed...ha ha I love being in Utah.........ahhh home sweet home.
p.s. happy birthday dad!!

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