Monday, October 26, 2009

To my dear sweet utah.

Prettyyy much, I was so ready to come to Utah on Wednesday night. I had a little break down with Melina... I can't really explain it, I'm not sure, but I just have something against being in Idaho a lot. Many can say its not like Utah is much better, but for me going to Utah is the best thing in the world.................

Sooo.. On Thursday the 29th I got all the homework and everything I needed to finish done before 4pm. at 4:40 we (Kara, Jenny, and I) headed off to I felt rather sick. Once we were to Odgen, we made prefect timing to end up at Melina's dorm the exact same time as her. Thinking we would be in and out really fast (hopful wishing that melina would be faster then ten minutes) We all piled up in Julez and drove to SLC. We dropped Jenny and Kara off in sandy right off the freeway. It was soooo good to see Katie again. I miss that girl like crazy....she is my favorite! I almost wish she wasn't married still, so I would have her around in rexburg :P

After we dropped them off me and Meli headed to T-ville for what we figured to be a LAMEEE haunted house. We walked in about 3minutes before it closed and went through.... For a 15 buck thing... it was horrible, I would say it should of costed 7 bucks. The parking lot was more exciting as we were waiting for Dani to show up, people kept knocking on my windows and pulling chainsaws out freaking me and Melina out... they even opened my car doors! So inside the only exciting thing for me was pretending to act scared.... and this one girl that kept following me around. (maybe cause I blew her a kiss and said bye cause she kept staring at me!!) Anyyyyways....after THAT...we went to taco bell and headed back up to Odgen to sleep.
FRIDAYYY- oh yes, its only friday? yeah thats what I thought. I love driving to Utah on thursday nights! So friday. Melina slept in and missed alllllll of her classes. Me such a bad friieennd!!!! We ate some food, and went to the store with sarah so she could get wood to make a sculpture. During that time I had melina model for me a little bit! :)

AFTER our CUTE pics
We both headed off to work. Melina is sick of best buy...and I got sick of being stuck in traffic on my way to work in American Fork. Dang constuction that is everywhere! oh well though, my manager loves me and wouldn't care if I was late honestly..and I was. I worked for 2 hours. met like 5 new people that worked there...but at least I liked them...and I liked hearing the dirt from the last two months I wasn't there. After work my amazing Melina drove down from Ogden to sleep ovaaa...but uh oh...she started to feel sick :( My fault I'm sure... :( sorry meli..but we still had a fun night and we got some treats from our fave maverick :)
Saturday... oh whoops. Melina, was I suppose to wake you up at 8 so you could drive back to Ogden...? oh yea I was... AND I TRIED TWICE!!!!!!! you just kept moaning and ignoring me. I'm glad you were able to cancel your group meeting and that I DIDN'T wake you up so I could hang out with you all day... yes...that was my evil plan :) I'm glad we got to eat Jimmy Johns together before you rushed off to work. I, myself went to work at 5... and worked only 2 hours because I did not feel well...even though after I was off I went shopping to try on clothes.. haha. Melina. my dear, she drove down ONE MORE TIME to Lehi. Could she be any more amazing? It made me superrr happy, even though she got to my house super late. We started watching P.S. I love you, but then just fell asleep cause we both felt rotten.
SUNDAYY. 5am. I wake up to Melina trembling and in pain......awhhh now she is even more sick than I ever she has a nightmare. So being the good friend I am, and since we went and bought meds last night, I helped her out and made sure she fell back to sleep, and give her some pills to pop ;). We had yummy waffles in the morning and then once again she had to rush off to leave me and go to the airport. I still had a good morning though. I stayed home and watched some conference since I didn't feel that great.. I took a nap and drove home 2 girls back to rexburg. The drive wasn't too bad, I almost got pulled over...but the unlucky son of a gun right behind me did instead...wooo, I was lucky. I talked to Jenny the entire time and found out we have a lot more in common than I ever thought... and it was really cool to finally talk and learn about her. I'm excited to work with her again in december.
So after the drive, I about had no voice from chatting so much, and I got home at 10:30 to a house full of sick girls. One has mono, one has the flu, the other girl has something like I have...pretty much a cold.. and then yes, there is me, we are just a big bunch of sicklings!
I'm already ready to come back to Utah where not so many people are sickkkk! ha ha.

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