Sunday, October 18, 2009

All in all...

School was rough this week... and I know it will be even more rough this next week, cause its midterms!!!! eecck I have so much to do!!
On Wednesday this past week, My sis Nicole drove up to Rexburg and that night we went and got custard at my favorite place ever... BRC's!!
Thursday - Nicole went to my first class with me, after we drove around the burg, and Nicole was surprised with how much Rexburg has changed. For dinner we went to Applebees, mmm, ran to walmart, where me and rosie played with masks on, but got in trouble for taking pictures, and then we came home and watched a movie.

Friday mornin I went to class, aced my test I had, and after made amazing nutella crepes for everyone. After we drove to IF and went to the mall, and I got a cute new sweater :) and we just shopped around, it was really fun. We rushed off to Rexburg to have dinner at craigos, it was amazing and yummy! I can't believe I have never been there.
Saturday Nicole left early in the morning. I did free laundry at Brittney's friends house, who were a married couple that was out of town. That night I went to the hot springs with Brittney, Danny, and some of his family. Wow those were amazing. I loved it. They also tricked me into saying that there was a small pool with such hot water that it felt freezing and your body doesn't know what to do to adjust to I went it and pool and they totally tricked me...turns out it was a ice cold pool.. JERKS :P
Sunday I went to church for 2nd time..which really was more like my first, it was fun, and more so funny cause I knew no one there even though I have been in rexburg a while.
Monday I went to my one morning class, in the afternoon had an intense conv with Britt which rang up lots of unanswered questions that we attempted to find on the internet...hahah that was funny. In the evening for FHE we went to big juds for dinner, it was pretty good. The 2 cups of hot coco I got both were watered down which I was bummed about.. and on the way home me and Brit had our unanswered questions answered through Danny...haha that was fun.
Tuesday - Romina started to get sick which worried all of us. I have been missing melina a lot...specially because I didn't see her this weekend, and she has been really busy so I haven't talked to her a lot :(
Wednesday - ha ha guess what. Yep I have a sore throat... figures. I did a lot of homework tonight and took a test preping for my weekend in UTAH!!! :)

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  1. Haha, I blogged about Rexburg today too! It's about time you mention your amazing sister on your blog. It can't ALL be about Melina and your roommates :)