Sunday, March 28, 2010

what to do.

So again its been a while, my poor lonely blog.
I do feel busy though, and I would rather fit time in to work out then sit here and type what I do on my days..
Again... All I really do is: work, workout, eat sleep shower, hang out with some of my budddss.. mostly melina or shelby, and some random others :P...and watch my new fave TV show introduced to me by melina..ha ha thanks meli.

OHH but i did get pulled over 2 weeks ago. I know I know.. my perfect speeding-non pulled-over record was ruined... and I dont even believe I was speeding in the neighborhood with plenty of cars around me and a cop claiming to clock me at 43mph when she was over 5 blocks away from me AND driving, she wasn't just parked somewhere, she was out driving in the opp. direction of me. Sooo I think it is BS and i'm going to take it to court to fight it..and if all fails, I have at least another 3 weeks to rack up some more $$$. ;)

I also have gone snowboarding twice, once with melina for a short night, and then I went last monday at brighton for 4 amazing fun powder-filled hours (at least for the last 3 hours, so the first hour I had a bad fall which = bad bruise on da bootyyy cuz of the ice :( but its all good, I finally got a hang of it and I didn't mind to be boarding on my own and carving through the snow :)
I also want to go tomorrow so hopefully I get to after I'm off work...yayyy. Thank goodness for cheap monday night skiing.

So yep... P90X is going great, but if I didnt go out and eat with my friends I KNOW my progress would be much more, but I'm still getting great results and I just love exercising everyday even though it can be hard to fit in sometimes.

I have now decided to make a TO-DO LIST for the next little while of what I would like to do.

1. Get a hair cut / get bangs again / possibly dye my hair some way.. maybe lighter for once? ...suggestions?

2. Get tan somehow.. even if that means a tanning bed, I just miss being darker.

3. Continue working out everyday after I finish my P90X and continuing getting in better shape. (I've already lost like 11 pounds :))

4. Get a new job...with at least a pay of $9.50 hour, I'm thinking of being a CNA again.

5. Save money once I start making more so I can move out and live in Ogden in the fall.

6. Get my little growing kitty her second round of shots finally

7. Go to court next month and WINNNN so I don't have to pay.

8. Go to Rexburg for brittney's wedding-open house (aawwwwhh).

That's about all I got for now....but I'll try to stay more updated


Sunday, February 7, 2010

ohhhhh life.

Well at least it hasn't been a month since I last wrote... I have had a good week, it just kinda feels like everyday is the same old and I'm losing track of days. Last sunday I went with Shelby and his family to their friends house and had a delicious and nutritious fattening dinner that totally went against how I should be eating with my diet..but oh well it was GOOD!

Work has had a lot of drama lately, I only know cause Shelby tells me but its redicccc and I am losing hours all over the place and blah blahhhhh... I still love my job though. I've also watched a lot of movies lately and most of them have been ssssstupid. I have finally learned that RedBox horror movies = extremely stupid! (and usually low budget). Melina came over tuesday and we had the best time...jeez i miss that girl like crazy all the time. I can't wait till shes back in april!!!

I am now on my forth week of p90x and I feel a lot more toned but my unhealthy eating here and there isn't helping much with results lol. On friday I went and got Roxy here first kitty shots and I don't even know if it effected her at all like I was expecting..this cat is crazy! :) After that I met up with Shelby and we drove to Spanish Fork and had a party at my sisters for her birthday which was fun.. I sat around as shelby put himself to work haha. It was all fun though and after we left and played the Wii and then I got to drive home in the rain and I LOVED it...I miss the rain a lot too.

Yesterday my day was spent at work, and during my break I came home and did an hour and a half of yoga and then ran back to work...haha...and yeah, our phones were broken!! so we had linked an iPhone to our number and all the phone calls went to that one phone...yet with over 60 missed calls it was still way busy! After me and holmes went and saw a movie that we ACTUALLY enjoyed :P and then we talked for maybe 2 hours just about everything and he said he probably isn't moving away! So I was happy about that.

Anyways I gotta go work out for an hour and then get ready for church.... Superbowl plans? nahhh... we'll just see what happens today. but melina IS coming OVER later!!!!!!!!!! yayaya I can't wait.

Monday, February 1, 2010

so much time, so little time

wwwell friends, if any of you are out there still... I haven't written for over a month. Its been a long time, yet not enough time for me to want to sit down and blog. I guess I'll say I had a great christmas, I got a sweet car stereo, at least julez has something cool about her now, and I got a hook up for new speakers from melina :) so I love cruising around, plus we did a repair on my car so it actually heats up now lol.

I ate horrible during the holidays plus no running = not the best thing to do! New years was good I guess lol, just hung out with melina, no parties for me though, its crazy its 2010 though...2 more years and the world ENDS!!!!!!! jk. (2012)

Also, since I have been home from BYU-i well 1, its amazing and I love it, 2..I have worked everyday besides sundays at cafe rio. Shorts shifts...but its a job (a really fun job). I love the people I work with so it makes up for crap pay and hours. There were a few weeks I got lots of hours which I needed and was nice but yep, pretty much that is why I have been busy.

I still try to see melina as much as possible. It's almost harder being closer to ogden yet not seeing her more than 2 times a week at least. but lucky for me I have found some good friends from work. I mostly hang out with this guy named Shelby when I'm not with my family or melina. He's from Lehi and really awesome to spend time with and gives me something to do here in utah county besides working. Usually hanging with shelby consistes of: movies, driving, eating, playing guitar, more movies, and sledding at late hours in the night and cleaning or fixing up cars ha ha. So it keeps things interesting around here.

What has made my life even more interesting is 3 weeks ago on the 11th (the 2 year anniversary of my dads car accident) I got the great idea to beg my parents to allow me to get a and sure enough I got a kitty the next day. She was 1 of the 7 kittens to pick from so I made Melina come down and help me pick one out ;). My kitty is sooooooooo cute, I named her Roxy, which i probably thought of that name cause I always wear that brand of clothing...I'm surprised I didn't name her Volcom..ha ha jk. She is playful, yet very cuddley if she wants to be.

The other thing I finally decided to do was get in SHAPE.. I started the fitness dvd program called P90X...and I love it :) I'm 17 days along and I feel like I am slimming up a bit so far, but the biggest part of it is the diet. Luckily I got to get a lot of junk before to enjoy it while I could lol. I still have 73 days to go with this program until I am hopefully "ripped"...wouldn't that be sweet? I would love it! :) The biggest struggle is having friends that love to go out and eat, and then I usually get something unhealthy lol.

So life is pretty good, pretty fun. I try to make as many trips up to ogden to see melina as I can if she can't come down to Lehi. (Some sponaneous trips include driving to Idaho.. ha ha those are fun) Probably the most crazy and fun thing I've done is either drive to Idaho with Melina at 9:30pm in the fog, or going sledding with shelby at 11pm during a snow storm in the mountains with a foot of snow on the ground. Yeahhhh, that was crazy and the snow was like knee deep when we got out onto that was really funny and I'm glad we went even if it was late and bad weather...right holmes? :)

So for now... I'll continue seeing lots of movies, working out every day (and working on eating right ALL the time) and working at Rio everyday. I'm excited to see "Dear John" and Valentines Day...they look like good movies. I saw 3D avatar tonight with corinn, and then we cooked some chicken together, it was pretty fun :) But I'm going to bed now...there isn't much more going on, but maybe if I think of it I'll post another blog.


Sunday, December 20, 2009

funny videos of me

I thought I would post some videos of me this past semester... I'm so weird.

Dunno if this is more funny cuz of monica's laugh, or cuz I look like an idiot :P

I tried showing off my maddd animal skills. ha.

We had shimmy wars... I think mines better ;)

I am a little flexible its gross.

welcome back

well hey, I'm home...but last week sure was a busy-weird one. I successfully finished everything, not saying I did my best job, but I finished...and I have a degree to prove it...which doesn't seem like that big of a deal.

Tuesday was my last day of classes, which almost felt pointless to go to any, but I did anyways. Plus I stayed up way late to finish a paper for science, that was killer. I hung with Jenbug today and we went to mr. yummy cocoa bean and attempted to sell our textbooks back, but failed horribly (that line was grossly long). After class I faced the line again and did sell em' back...thank goodness.

Good news though, the weather was so amazing...pretty much in the 40's which was a huge jump from that nasty negative degree weather.

Wednesday I went to the wonderful gym with Jess again, man I wish I would of worked out more this semester. After I went to see the Blindside again with jenny, such a good movvvvvaah. Today turned into my packing day, which was very smart of me. After mostly packing I went out with Kara to see Jess and Jen, which again we went to cocoa bean, but luckily I got my share of it's sweetness and I'm mostly over it (for now), but it was fun, and we took some cute pictures out in the lights of Main St. ha ha.

Thursday I did a lot of my clean check which was cleaning the oven, wow that thing was nasty, oh and putting tinfoil around the burners was annoying! I think the best part about today was the fact that the power went out for 3 hours...hahah rexburg and all surrounding cities were left in darkness. We had fun with it though, and of course me and mon mon were being I guess we you could say as immature, plus we had a wrestle fight in the darkness. That was fun besides the part where monica had me in a headlock between her ankles with her feet all over my face :( So yeah, the first hour was fun, but after that the blackout was really annoying. Especially with needing to finish an online exam and cleaning.

Thereforeee Friday I was rushing to do all sorts of things. I finished packing and cleaning just in time for my final exam for my life in rexburg....umm and I didn't have time to study, and it showed on my score ha ha. but all in all, I had a good 3 weeks there, and now I am so happy I am home. I left rexburg friday afternoon and once I got to SLC I saw my aunt in cous, then hung out with my amazing bestie for a few hours (which didn't suffice from the deprivation of her the past 3 weeks.. ha ha)
Yesterday me and my bro shawn went and saw Avatar, which I thought was way cool, totally took me into another world lol, and then after we went to my fave place ever, ZUPAS!!!!! MMmmmm, I totally wish I could make a sandwich like they do there. I finally got my little paycheck that was given out 2 weeks ago lol. Last night I was kind of in a bummy mood so I stayed in. I wanted to only do one thing, which I couldn't so I felt like doing nothing else. I ended up renting 3 redboxes and I laid on my couch and watched GI JOES, ha ha, I thought it was cool too.
I went to bed early, woke up in the middle of night feeling lonely was sad, but an hour later I fell asleep again. I watched another movie this morning called "Paper Heart", it was interesting but totally different than I expected. I went to church, came home and cooked for the family...and then watched Julie and Julia... ha ha ohhh man, 4 movies in the past day, I'm crazy!

Monday, December 14, 2009

my goodbyes are almost sent.....

Well friends... it is about time...!!
4 and a half days I will be on my way to Utah, packed up and driving. (yes!!!)

I had a good last 5 days though FREAKING FREEZING in negative degrees with lots of wind, and lots of homework. I also saw a few movies (p.s. Old Dogs the movie is SOOO funny) I suggest it. It took about three days to finish my research paper, I did it on same-sex marriage, it was really interesting and I BETTER get a good grade :P

On Saturday I went to the mall with my awesome friend Miranda. It snowed pretty much the whole time, plus I almost got in a car crash :( it was crazy cause the dummy in front of me decided to just brake and turn so I almost slammed into him cause of the ice. We went to the mall which was really fun, paid off my credit card and just messed around there :). After we went to a movie and drove back home, it was great. :D

I now have 5 more test left, my motivation is running low, and brain is frying more everyday. These days will fly by though...there is so much to do and I am SOOO ready to go home. Utah and I need each other.. ha ha. I can't believe I have been here 15days straight, its crazy, but I have.

I miss my best friend a lot too, it seems like there was a lot of unfinished thing we didn't get to do such as me switching phone plans... which I will be doing this weekend!! :D yay..

Loves from possibly my last post in rexburg,


(Bundled up for winter!)

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

semester wrap-up

There is SO much to do!!

Ten more days left here.....
9 exams.
2 research/report papers : a 7 page and a 5 page.
Freezing cold weather +wind burns, ouch.
Stressed and wanting sleep.
Could my food taste better for me too? I'm never satisfied.
Oh classes be kind to me, I need help and motivation.


I can't wait for Utah.
I'm excited to see everyone there, and having an ounce of warmer weather.
Julez: Last me too more weeks baby! We'll make it home in this winter together!