Sunday, March 28, 2010

what to do.

So again its been a while, my poor lonely blog.
I do feel busy though, and I would rather fit time in to work out then sit here and type what I do on my days..
Again... All I really do is: work, workout, eat sleep shower, hang out with some of my budddss.. mostly melina or shelby, and some random others :P...and watch my new fave TV show introduced to me by melina..ha ha thanks meli.

OHH but i did get pulled over 2 weeks ago. I know I know.. my perfect speeding-non pulled-over record was ruined... and I dont even believe I was speeding in the neighborhood with plenty of cars around me and a cop claiming to clock me at 43mph when she was over 5 blocks away from me AND driving, she wasn't just parked somewhere, she was out driving in the opp. direction of me. Sooo I think it is BS and i'm going to take it to court to fight it..and if all fails, I have at least another 3 weeks to rack up some more $$$. ;)

I also have gone snowboarding twice, once with melina for a short night, and then I went last monday at brighton for 4 amazing fun powder-filled hours (at least for the last 3 hours, so the first hour I had a bad fall which = bad bruise on da bootyyy cuz of the ice :( but its all good, I finally got a hang of it and I didn't mind to be boarding on my own and carving through the snow :)
I also want to go tomorrow so hopefully I get to after I'm off work...yayyy. Thank goodness for cheap monday night skiing.

So yep... P90X is going great, but if I didnt go out and eat with my friends I KNOW my progress would be much more, but I'm still getting great results and I just love exercising everyday even though it can be hard to fit in sometimes.

I have now decided to make a TO-DO LIST for the next little while of what I would like to do.

1. Get a hair cut / get bangs again / possibly dye my hair some way.. maybe lighter for once? ...suggestions?

2. Get tan somehow.. even if that means a tanning bed, I just miss being darker.

3. Continue working out everyday after I finish my P90X and continuing getting in better shape. (I've already lost like 11 pounds :))

4. Get a new job...with at least a pay of $9.50 hour, I'm thinking of being a CNA again.

5. Save money once I start making more so I can move out and live in Ogden in the fall.

6. Get my little growing kitty her second round of shots finally

7. Go to court next month and WINNNN so I don't have to pay.

8. Go to Rexburg for brittney's wedding-open house (aawwwwhh).

That's about all I got for now....but I'll try to stay more updated


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