Sunday, February 7, 2010

ohhhhh life.

Well at least it hasn't been a month since I last wrote... I have had a good week, it just kinda feels like everyday is the same old and I'm losing track of days. Last sunday I went with Shelby and his family to their friends house and had a delicious and nutritious fattening dinner that totally went against how I should be eating with my diet..but oh well it was GOOD!

Work has had a lot of drama lately, I only know cause Shelby tells me but its redicccc and I am losing hours all over the place and blah blahhhhh... I still love my job though. I've also watched a lot of movies lately and most of them have been ssssstupid. I have finally learned that RedBox horror movies = extremely stupid! (and usually low budget). Melina came over tuesday and we had the best time...jeez i miss that girl like crazy all the time. I can't wait till shes back in april!!!

I am now on my forth week of p90x and I feel a lot more toned but my unhealthy eating here and there isn't helping much with results lol. On friday I went and got Roxy here first kitty shots and I don't even know if it effected her at all like I was expecting..this cat is crazy! :) After that I met up with Shelby and we drove to Spanish Fork and had a party at my sisters for her birthday which was fun.. I sat around as shelby put himself to work haha. It was all fun though and after we left and played the Wii and then I got to drive home in the rain and I LOVED it...I miss the rain a lot too.

Yesterday my day was spent at work, and during my break I came home and did an hour and a half of yoga and then ran back to work...haha...and yeah, our phones were broken!! so we had linked an iPhone to our number and all the phone calls went to that one phone...yet with over 60 missed calls it was still way busy! After me and holmes went and saw a movie that we ACTUALLY enjoyed :P and then we talked for maybe 2 hours just about everything and he said he probably isn't moving away! So I was happy about that.

Anyways I gotta go work out for an hour and then get ready for church.... Superbowl plans? nahhh... we'll just see what happens today. but melina IS coming OVER later!!!!!!!!!! yayaya I can't wait.

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