Monday, February 1, 2010

so much time, so little time

wwwell friends, if any of you are out there still... I haven't written for over a month. Its been a long time, yet not enough time for me to want to sit down and blog. I guess I'll say I had a great christmas, I got a sweet car stereo, at least julez has something cool about her now, and I got a hook up for new speakers from melina :) so I love cruising around, plus we did a repair on my car so it actually heats up now lol.

I ate horrible during the holidays plus no running = not the best thing to do! New years was good I guess lol, just hung out with melina, no parties for me though, its crazy its 2010 though...2 more years and the world ENDS!!!!!!! jk. (2012)

Also, since I have been home from BYU-i well 1, its amazing and I love it, 2..I have worked everyday besides sundays at cafe rio. Shorts shifts...but its a job (a really fun job). I love the people I work with so it makes up for crap pay and hours. There were a few weeks I got lots of hours which I needed and was nice but yep, pretty much that is why I have been busy.

I still try to see melina as much as possible. It's almost harder being closer to ogden yet not seeing her more than 2 times a week at least. but lucky for me I have found some good friends from work. I mostly hang out with this guy named Shelby when I'm not with my family or melina. He's from Lehi and really awesome to spend time with and gives me something to do here in utah county besides working. Usually hanging with shelby consistes of: movies, driving, eating, playing guitar, more movies, and sledding at late hours in the night and cleaning or fixing up cars ha ha. So it keeps things interesting around here.

What has made my life even more interesting is 3 weeks ago on the 11th (the 2 year anniversary of my dads car accident) I got the great idea to beg my parents to allow me to get a and sure enough I got a kitty the next day. She was 1 of the 7 kittens to pick from so I made Melina come down and help me pick one out ;). My kitty is sooooooooo cute, I named her Roxy, which i probably thought of that name cause I always wear that brand of clothing...I'm surprised I didn't name her Volcom..ha ha jk. She is playful, yet very cuddley if she wants to be.

The other thing I finally decided to do was get in SHAPE.. I started the fitness dvd program called P90X...and I love it :) I'm 17 days along and I feel like I am slimming up a bit so far, but the biggest part of it is the diet. Luckily I got to get a lot of junk before to enjoy it while I could lol. I still have 73 days to go with this program until I am hopefully "ripped"...wouldn't that be sweet? I would love it! :) The biggest struggle is having friends that love to go out and eat, and then I usually get something unhealthy lol.

So life is pretty good, pretty fun. I try to make as many trips up to ogden to see melina as I can if she can't come down to Lehi. (Some sponaneous trips include driving to Idaho.. ha ha those are fun) Probably the most crazy and fun thing I've done is either drive to Idaho with Melina at 9:30pm in the fog, or going sledding with shelby at 11pm during a snow storm in the mountains with a foot of snow on the ground. Yeahhhh, that was crazy and the snow was like knee deep when we got out onto that was really funny and I'm glad we went even if it was late and bad weather...right holmes? :)

So for now... I'll continue seeing lots of movies, working out every day (and working on eating right ALL the time) and working at Rio everyday. I'm excited to see "Dear John" and Valentines Day...they look like good movies. I saw 3D avatar tonight with corinn, and then we cooked some chicken together, it was pretty fun :) But I'm going to bed now...there isn't much more going on, but maybe if I think of it I'll post another blog.


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