Sunday, December 20, 2009

welcome back

well hey, I'm home...but last week sure was a busy-weird one. I successfully finished everything, not saying I did my best job, but I finished...and I have a degree to prove it...which doesn't seem like that big of a deal.

Tuesday was my last day of classes, which almost felt pointless to go to any, but I did anyways. Plus I stayed up way late to finish a paper for science, that was killer. I hung with Jenbug today and we went to mr. yummy cocoa bean and attempted to sell our textbooks back, but failed horribly (that line was grossly long). After class I faced the line again and did sell em' back...thank goodness.

Good news though, the weather was so amazing...pretty much in the 40's which was a huge jump from that nasty negative degree weather.

Wednesday I went to the wonderful gym with Jess again, man I wish I would of worked out more this semester. After I went to see the Blindside again with jenny, such a good movvvvvaah. Today turned into my packing day, which was very smart of me. After mostly packing I went out with Kara to see Jess and Jen, which again we went to cocoa bean, but luckily I got my share of it's sweetness and I'm mostly over it (for now), but it was fun, and we took some cute pictures out in the lights of Main St. ha ha.

Thursday I did a lot of my clean check which was cleaning the oven, wow that thing was nasty, oh and putting tinfoil around the burners was annoying! I think the best part about today was the fact that the power went out for 3 hours...hahah rexburg and all surrounding cities were left in darkness. We had fun with it though, and of course me and mon mon were being I guess we you could say as immature, plus we had a wrestle fight in the darkness. That was fun besides the part where monica had me in a headlock between her ankles with her feet all over my face :( So yeah, the first hour was fun, but after that the blackout was really annoying. Especially with needing to finish an online exam and cleaning.

Thereforeee Friday I was rushing to do all sorts of things. I finished packing and cleaning just in time for my final exam for my life in rexburg....umm and I didn't have time to study, and it showed on my score ha ha. but all in all, I had a good 3 weeks there, and now I am so happy I am home. I left rexburg friday afternoon and once I got to SLC I saw my aunt in cous, then hung out with my amazing bestie for a few hours (which didn't suffice from the deprivation of her the past 3 weeks.. ha ha)
Yesterday me and my bro shawn went and saw Avatar, which I thought was way cool, totally took me into another world lol, and then after we went to my fave place ever, ZUPAS!!!!! MMmmmm, I totally wish I could make a sandwich like they do there. I finally got my little paycheck that was given out 2 weeks ago lol. Last night I was kind of in a bummy mood so I stayed in. I wanted to only do one thing, which I couldn't so I felt like doing nothing else. I ended up renting 3 redboxes and I laid on my couch and watched GI JOES, ha ha, I thought it was cool too.
I went to bed early, woke up in the middle of night feeling lonely was sad, but an hour later I fell asleep again. I watched another movie this morning called "Paper Heart", it was interesting but totally different than I expected. I went to church, came home and cooked for the family...and then watched Julie and Julia... ha ha ohhh man, 4 movies in the past day, I'm crazy!

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