Monday, December 14, 2009

my goodbyes are almost sent.....

Well friends... it is about time...!!
4 and a half days I will be on my way to Utah, packed up and driving. (yes!!!)

I had a good last 5 days though FREAKING FREEZING in negative degrees with lots of wind, and lots of homework. I also saw a few movies (p.s. Old Dogs the movie is SOOO funny) I suggest it. It took about three days to finish my research paper, I did it on same-sex marriage, it was really interesting and I BETTER get a good grade :P

On Saturday I went to the mall with my awesome friend Miranda. It snowed pretty much the whole time, plus I almost got in a car crash :( it was crazy cause the dummy in front of me decided to just brake and turn so I almost slammed into him cause of the ice. We went to the mall which was really fun, paid off my credit card and just messed around there :). After we went to a movie and drove back home, it was great. :D

I now have 5 more test left, my motivation is running low, and brain is frying more everyday. These days will fly by though...there is so much to do and I am SOOO ready to go home. Utah and I need each other.. ha ha. I can't believe I have been here 15days straight, its crazy, but I have.

I miss my best friend a lot too, it seems like there was a lot of unfinished thing we didn't get to do such as me switching phone plans... which I will be doing this weekend!! :D yay..

Loves from possibly my last post in rexburg,


(Bundled up for winter!)

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