Saturday, December 5, 2009

Putting my blog to shame.....

That is what I have done the past month.....really?
Did my life fly by that fast and I didn't have time to write about it...about the amazing people I have met, hung out with...all the tough homework assignment I've had to do...the shopping, the driving, the amazing best friend I have...the freezing weather....the fact I went to Utah every single weekend in the month of November...well yeah, I did...but that was worth it, even if he cost me a LOT of money.

As for now....maybe I will go back and write about my month of November. I hope to. I have such a weak memory, and if I wait any longer I might space all the fun I had. Today is my Bro Shawn's 26th birthday...hopefully he has fun...

I also AM in REXBURG. I plan on being here two more straight weeks (well 13 days) I am almost forcing myself. But even if I wasn't, it would be stupid to even leave Idaho... I have SOOOOOoooo much junk to do until Friday the 18th...which of course I get stuck, with the luck, of my math class being the LAST and FINAL test given for finals weeks...therefore looks like I'm not leaving here until around 5pm. I will handle it though, and yes friends I WILL. Although about a month of my semester I was in utah (weird to think that is actually true) I will survive with leaving on that Friday.. later in the day. It will be my last and final day here, and I should give the city some credit and say a sweet goodbye to it before rushing off.
I cannot wait......(repeat) I CANNOT WAIT for that day. It will be last day I will be driving from Rexburg to Lehi in a LONG time....and my poor julez, good ol' julez has kept my sane by always be around for me when I needed a ride home ;)

I love my life. I loved this past week I have been here, and I needed to enjoy it.
Glad to report I don't miss Utah much at all..I am okay, because this week was busy, the week was fun.
It felt like a great bonding week for us, and as far as I think so (my roommates liked the fact of knowing I will be around for a few weeks)......right gggirlls? :/
So me and Monica had a "x-men marathon" and from tuesday to thursday, each night we watched one of the movies. I had a lot of homework at the same time too.
I honestly can say I feel like I have some friends up here too (besides the roomies) there is a girl named Miranda, totally cool...from Boise, and she seems to be in a close related stage of life as me, and I love talking to her. I also have become much closer with my friend Jenny who I worked at Cafe Rio with in the Summer. I plan on playing with both of them next week.

TODAY though... Brit, Mon Mon, and Annalisa went to see New Moon. It liked it a lot...honestly. It pulled me into the movie so well and my attention was completely on the movie...maybe for one reason or another ;) righttt girls? hahahha So that was great, even though there were some HUGE technical difficulties before the movie started at the Theater and it was COMPLETELY annoying... plus the movie started 40minutes late. But it was still worth seeing :P After us girls and Romina went to Craigos... OH WOW.. so yummy. I guess that is one thing I will miss about here, okay...there might be a few things, but I still love Utah more. :)

Until next time...hopefully in a few days, not next month, I will write again.

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