Wednesday, November 4, 2009

i ran away.......

to utah!!!!!
Yeah, I already said that last week.. but I did.

last Thursday I felt so bad that little sick melina had to go to work in the morning....she barely had a voice. Won't lie... it was really nice to not have classes today..well because I was not in rexburg :P
Honestly though, I hate how I don't like's annoying to me! why can't I just like it for a month and a half longer? It makes me sad cause I want to enjoy where I am living more, and I love my roommates..but I just feel so much more complete being in utah.. I can't wait until December, and the fact I will be making money again...and not watch the $180 bucks I have left disappear.
I've also decided I need new running shoes, and then I will go running more I pretty much shoe shopped while melina was in class. I was melina's cook this week so I would actually feel helpful being around lol, I don't mind though. Tonight we watched TV for a while of this hilarious show of people being idiots pretty much, it was sooo funny.
Fridayyy we slept in for a long time, (I'm so mad I can't even remember what we did mind is blank as I am writing this) and thats pretty much all I remember...and then she went to work. I went to the mall and got a cute vest and 2 shirts...and spent like 2 hours there, and after went to best buy. We stayed there for about 40 minutes waiting for sarah after the store closed cause she needed a ride, and then she ended up going with someone else!!!! ha ha, oh well. Me and Meli went to Taco Bell, got some grub, and talked about our past in high school..and how I was a jerk..ha ha, well no..but in melinas words.. "you were like dumb, and slow. you never put your heart into anything"
Oucccccccccccccccch!! I can't believe she said thatttt lol.. but then I went on telling how we all hated her driving and bagged on it.. yet she was always willing to drive (like to bowling practice) so we let her hahah. I also told her that she was too rushed and hyperactive for me a didn't like it... So pretty much we didn't like each other a lot of the time in high school....but it is 100% different now and I'm so glad cause she is the coolest person I know now :)
Sooo that was a funny conversion in taco bell... lol I think we both got a little upset :P
After we stole (asked to drive) Nicoles jeep to Red box, it was fun being in her car...but pretty much the movie we got was the lamest thing in the world...and we only watched 20minutes and turned it off and fell asleep lol.
I was planning on driving to Lehi in the afternoon, but all the girls convinced me I had to stay for halloween so I wouldn't be sitting around at home :P so I stayed. When melina went to work I had planned to do homework...hah but whoops I left the assignment in instead I went running for an hour outside :) it was GREAT! First off...Ogden is so much prettier than Rexbarf so running was enjoyable. :P I ran to Weber and jeez that is like a campus with flights of stairs going up a but I still like it! So I think I will enjoy going to school there a lot. I was dead after the run...its been such a long time since the last night I ran lol.. When I got back me and Klysta watched a lame scary movie and then I left to meet up with Melina. We went to pizza factory...pretty much our favorite place ever...and got alfredo tortellini :) mmmmm. After we were in a hyper mood so we played the little arcade games at fat cats and got 40 tickets and I got this little gun that shots a ball... oh my gosh lol that was so fun we were so hyper.. After we were driving in my car and this black nice car pulls up to us asking to race and whoever loses has to give away their number. So, of course my rad car won this brand new mazda..haha so we got their number, drove away, and deleted the number... it was so stupid ha ha, but fun. Afterrrr that we went to Walmart and wanted a puzzle..:P but there was no cool ones.. so we were messing around and throwing around balls and bouncing them, and then we finally decided to buy the neff whisling football thing and melina got a Yo-yo... heheh so at her Dorm we went outside and threw around the football and it was so funnn...jeez I loved tonight it was like the most simple things and yet one of my favorite halloween's ever, even though it didn't even feel like the holiday. :P
Sundayyyy- so last night as we slept was interesting and melina was yelling at me in her sleep cause of her dream and was all frustrated with I so was confused. In the morning it was hard to leave...I had been in Ogden so long it felt like I should just stay there, I even made melina get over her sickness pretty much! jk.. but I left, drove home, went to church with my parents, celebrated my daddy's birthday. Cried. Surprised my sister that I have finally developed emotions. Ate ice cream. rushed to murray. picked up 2 girls. drove to centerville and got another girl, and drove back to rexburg. The girls were cool, two were going to get married on the same day and didn't even know each other lol. I also thought it was funny we were talking about Yaz/birth control pills...and I totally started my . on the drive and found out at a rest stop hahah. The only thing is I asked for 18 bucks for gas and all the girls refused and only gave me $15 cause they are "poor college students" uuuuuh hello? aren't we all? jeezz, and I was way worn out from the drive so it annoyed me but oh well. Oh, and I apparently have melina's GPS so I am forced to return to utah again soon :P I don't mind! haha.
My new vest :P

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