Friday, October 2, 2009

To my bestest friend in the world

Melinaaaaaaa.............. HAPPY 20th BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!! (old fart)

So Melina is my best friend, obviously.
I love her guts, she is the sweetest girl I know and I am so lucky to have her as my closest friend. I have "known" her since May 29, 2007, that was a funny day, she was quite the rebellious girl back then :P but she is a good, nice, sweetheart now :) Truth be told, I wasn't very close to her until right around this time last year (she bought a new car too, she thinks that's why I wanted to become better friends with her...hahah not true meli!) So yes, I always liked her as a friend, but when I finally realized I wanted her in my life everyday, to talk to, laugh with, all the above, was after I came up to school in Rexburg, and realized how much I missed being with her, and how she was such an amazing person.
K honestly people, she really is the nicest girl in the world, too nice sometimes and I get after her about it.. ha ha :) So all I can say is the past (almost) year has been the best year of mine ever, she changed my life, made me happier (awwww tender) :), and she is just awesome and amazing. I never thought I would ever have a best friend who knew everything about me, who cared so passionately about me, and about life. Who I can't go more than 4 hours without talking to, who I want to spend time with them every chance I can because she is so great and I never want to miss out on whats she's doing...yeah, that's melina.
One of the best things about her is she is so friendly!! Every single person I introduce her to, they fall in love with her, so seeee, I'm lucky :) ha ha. I wish I could explain all of the things we have done together, all the long nights, all the tears we have cried [I always tell her that the rock I used to be is now just a bunch a pebbles everyone steps on.... I'm such a baby now! hah, I used to never cry. So I blame her :)]
What else, I love this girl, she is so funny, I never get sick of being with her, she likes the kind of music I love, so since we are both consistently listening to music, we can listen to that music while we are together and it works out perfect :)
We both have made many visits for eachother, murray- rexburg, rexburg - murray, odgen-rexburg, rexburg-odgen, lehi-murray, murray lehi, SLC-murray, all the above....all I can say is it has been a lot of worth while driving and lots of memories :)
I'm thankful for all the times she has forgiven me [and the same on my part ;)] and that each of our fights, along with lots of tears, just brought us closer together. She is always positive for me, she doesn't let me be left in a bad mood, and I know I can always rely on her to make me happy. I trust her 100% and she will always be my best friend.
I love you melina :)
This video is for you, and our friendship and great relationship
:) thank you for being around in my life.

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