Wednesday, September 30, 2009

What I love.....

I love that Rexburg is still warm(er)
I love listening to Monica sing
I love hugging Brittney
I love having almost the same class schedule as Moni
I love how comfortable our beds and couches are
I love Monicas urges to take pictures of things
I love hugging everyone
I love doing my spontaneous things, like driving to pocatello
I love when Melina comes to visit me here
I love my microwave
I love laughing at what Esteph does
I love how all my roommates can make me laugh hard
I love giving and gaining suggestions from Monica about music
I love missing class to sleep in
I love listening to Monicas laugh
I love how none of us like how Romina has dead flowers in the house
I love how oh wait, Romina threw away the flowers today
I love how I say I'll do my homework, but instead I do things like this
I love that I am already so comfortable with my girls I live with
I love when I can open the Fridge and nothing falls out
I love calling Melina and talking to her at night
I love how I am the only 1 that doesn't have things to do on certain nights
I love my FHE family
I love how Brit lets me eat her food
I love how Esteph burns everything she cooks
I love learning to trust people more and more each day
I love feeling important
I love listening to Monica or Brittney tell me stories of their "love life"
I love going to Utah on the weekends (naturally)
I love that Melina's birthday is friday, we're gunna make a cake!
I love that I have finally learned to cry, and that it's normal
I love not falling smack on the ground because someone didn't catch me
I love Danny's kitties
I love how it isn't all that warm now
I love Monicas glasses
I love that yummy smell of rain here
I love BRC's (I call it BYUI Righteous Custard)
I love how my phone vibrates in the night, and wakes up Moni, not me
I love that I have Melina's Ipod to listen to everyday
I love wearing my hoodies and jackets again
I love how I am usually the last one to walk into all of my classes
I love when my hair still looks fine the next day after sleeping on it
I love how I feel awkward when I see people I knew from last semester
I love how Monica is always up for doing whatever
I love how giving my father is for me and how he helps me out
I love making friendship bracelets, I need to make some more
I love havin sudden urges to talk to people I haven't talked to for a while
I love how Romina is so interested in how I whiten my teeth
I love when I don't say confusing things when I try to be funny
I love how Esteph is havin a birthday party tonight (& we don't care to go)
I love how trustworthy I am for my friends
I love who I have become through out my years
I love my best friend

I love my life.

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  1. cuteeeeeeeetteeeeee!!!
    i love it! i should make a list like thisssss!
    that picture of you is HOT.
    what a great semester alreadY!