Monday, September 28, 2009

Wicked Weekend

Could my life be anymore spontaneous? Cause I love it! (usually)
Lets start back to Friday afternoon. So I get home from class and receive an email from my professor that says that the homework I did (last night at 1am) was submitted as a blank document. FML. So not only did I not save it, I found out he changed the deadline from 6am to 3pm that day, but by the time I saw the email, it was 4pm. hahaha so, I had to rewrite it that night.
I was overwhelled with homework so I spend this Friday night doing homework. I took an exam, and got caught up in 2 classes.. which was good, and went to bed early.

Saturday I wake up, text melina and she asked me "hey want are your plans tonight" So naturally, knowing how melina thinks, I said... "oh you know, not much of anything is planned" and then she pretty much said, lets me some plans then!!!!! (yayyyyyyyyy) So we decided to meet up in Pocatello so she wouldn't have to drive all the way here. We met up close to five, hung out, got some pizza hut... Mmm, and cruised around the town, it was way fun, pocatello seems so much cooler than REXBARF! We slept over close by, had a great night, I finally was able to sleep in, my morning classes kill me...;( Anyways, me and Melina went to IF, I parked my car there, we got a little something yummy to eat, right melina? ha ha. (TexasRH) and drove together in melinas car to my apartment, and she let me drive :D (btw my melina always gives me amazing hook ups at best buy.. like new amazing earbuds! :P)

So melina met my amazing roommates, we kind of just hung out, and then went to visit my old roomies Jen and Jess for a while, that was fun to reunit again :) OHHh and Can I say how much I am glad I got a contract at American Manor... not the place they live... GROSS, ha ha.. its so old. Oh and also how amazing the weather still is here, its not even that cold yet!!
Once we got back, Melina ate Brit's food because apparently I have nothing that she likes to eat.. ha ha. I got a little teased about how I don't cook by Brit and Monica, I guess everyone notices I love my microwave... ha ha. Sooo then me and melina drove back to IF so I could get my car...and I was really sad and started crying, like uncontrollably, it was sad... so Melina pulled over at a park and we just talked... (I was just really sensitive and didn't want her back in UT)
Anyways I was okay after that, once we got of the highway we ran into a Closed road and had to take the biggest detour everrr, but then we went our separate ways. Dang that was a good weekend hanging with my Bestie :D But I miss her already.. I'm such a baby.
Oh and by the way, I was still sore from working out on Thursday :P

Yesterday I got home from class and recieved a package (3 pairs of true religion jeans from china) well turns out, the 3 I ordered, NONE of them were in there, and plus he gave me 2 of the same pair. well then I talked to him saying I got the wrong order, he said no that is what I picked. Whatever long story short, I gave him "negative feedback" and said shipping was quick, but you gave me the wrong pants, and then he did the same, and said I was a bad buyer... hahaha. Anyways, I'll figure out what to do with them. Soo we had the coolest FHE, we first ate a cake that Monica made for a birthday, and then we drove up to the sanddunes, made a fire, and took lots of pics of us jumping off sand cliffs, it was so fun :) This morning I was so tired, both me and Monica set our alarms for 7am, and then ending up sleeping in until 8:40 and we missed our classes lol. Tonight me, brit, hillary and monica all painted our toe nails and the name of my color was "shower together", it made me laugh, so I put it on :) Monica is at a fancy birthday party, brit is going out to eat and hillary is going to a meeting, looks like I'll be alone tonight, Running maybe? yeah........

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