Wednesday, September 23, 2009

3 weeks of idaho

So lets seeeeeeee.... I checked my journal today, I haven't written since January 13th of this year, 2 days after my dads 1st year anniversary of his roll over car accident. I have missed out on writing so many great story, so many laughs, awkward moments, tears, love, friendship. I am going to start back up (I hope) with recording my life...Hopefully typing will be easier than writing in a journal.
Sooooo to start out... I'm back in rexburg, the burg, the rexy, but I kind of like calling it rexbarf. (no offense to anyone) I just don't have the biggest love for it anymore, even though I like small towns, but could we please have one big town near by? honestly?....not 200 miles awayyyy. Ok, anyways...its my third semester up here, at which I was never around on the weekends last semester, like really... snow, frezzing wind chill, nothing to do.. and then utah had my family and best friend, cities, it was warmer.. I kind of was home sick, for reals.

Alright, I am good at getting off track summing up my year thus far, but not really, cause this is really broad. So lets start with this semester. I came up here 25days ago, dang that went by fast already, I had talked to a few of my roommates that I found on FB. I first talked to my roommate Monica, and she was like "ohhhh hey! totally move in to my room, its the colorful room, first door on the left!" (so I was like...hmm ok, i'll see when I get there) jk monica!

During the last 2 months of summer I worked at cafe rio, I love it... it was very refreshing compared to the other cafe rio I worked at, I love the younger people I worked with, and my manager was awesome. (so, he said his name was "jesus" (hey-sus) but that really wasn't his name, I think he felt we all would bow down to him with that name... ha ha, but whatever, he was a good guy) So my last day of work was the Friday before I came up to school... I was planning on packing that day but my best friend Melina came yeah that didn't work out much. I had to fight my parents a bit saying I wanted to stay in Odgen with Melina at Weber two days before college (I wanted to say bye to her..and plus it took an hour off my 4 hour drive, so I finally got my mom to agree on it) ;) So whatever, I went to Odgen on sunday night, slept over, and left later in the afternoon on Monday. Melina is so awesome she let me take her GPS so I wouldn't get lost getting to the freeway. (she is all convinced I SUCK with directions... NO I DON'T) She isn't very forgiving of that ONE time we got lost.. ha ha

Alright so I drove to Rexburg, that drive felt FOREVER and a day, and I checked in. My roomie Brittney was the only home that day, so I just moved in and all was good (yes I did go into Monica's colorful room, plus it smelt good ;) The next day pretty much everyone was there, but there was only five of us and one empty bed. The kitchen was packed, fridge, and ESPECIALLY the freezer, but it worked out. We all got along great, I was the only new girl in the complex pretty much, but hey I'm friendly. First day of classes was Thursday the 10th, and well... class was class. Friday was Sept 11, I pretty much sat and watched TV about the WTC attack. I spent my night making bracelets out of string and watched the Secret Window. (I'm lame... my first friday here.. ha ha) Plus the fact I was invited to a concert and a movie... ha ha. sorry Brit and Monica.

Ok so the weekend was good. church was good, plus my old roommates Jen and Jess are in my ward, so I'm glad I get to see them still, and I'm even more glad I am not living in the old houses on College Ave like there are. American Manor is way nice compared to that...ha ha. So everything was great, I love my roommates, Monica, Brittney, Hillary, and Romina. We all have early morning classes so it makes it easier to be getting up early with all of them, plus they are all funny so I can either laugh or tease them. ;) ...Umm so yes, everything was hunky-dory but then last Thursday we got a 6th roommate and that threw everything out of wack. Not only are we all comfortable with eachother... we now have this 6th girl, plus are kitchen is a mess of a clutter. So Esteph, she is a sweet girl, I little too comfortable with the apartment already and having her friends over watching my new BFF Paris Hilton show a little tooo much. There have been a few nights her friends have slept over, now thats a bit awkward. ha ha. I think what is annoying though, is her friend don't really talk so they are just there. But we can deal with it.. its only a block they're around.. hah.

So over the weekend me and Monica drove down to Utah that night and missed class on Friday (grraawwwwr. which I am upset the only day I could take my certain class was on a Friday.. messes up my weekend trips that I am so used to cause I never have had class on friday before. So it was a good drive, I took Monica (mon mon) ;) to download SLC, and her friend got her, and I went back up to Odgen to see my bestie Melina who I missed like crazy. WE are like one- unseperable.... so this being at college thing is really sucky for us, I got so close to her this past year! So we both fell asleep with the TV on, that was annoying, cause we were both to lazy to turn it off in the night... =P. She went to class in the morning, I hung out alone, and later in the night we went and got yummy Pizza Factory pizza and bread sticks, and ate it with Melina's roommate Nicole and her friend Rachelle. I then showed them my amazing flexible legs, and I put them both behind my head, I think Nicole and Rachelle about DIED of laughter. (That had some lasting affects on my back though.... :( ...jk

So that night me and Mel drove to Lehi and she slept over and yeah, that was a wonderful day :D. So Melina left me in the morning to drive to Wendover.... (jerk!) jk.. but I was sad.. I miss her too much. So I pretty much didn't do anything Saturday, I went and got my paycheck though, that was exciting... and it was fun to see the people I work with, they all missed me :P. One even came over and lifted me up and spun me in the air hahah. Oh and, Jesus like loves me, plus he gave me a snickers candy bar lol. He is excited for when I am going to be working for them again in December.

I hung out with my friend Cody, and he had me drive his diesel truck... that was fun, and was HUGE! you could pretty much fit my car in the bed of his truck lol. After that My favorite Katie (married KT... she had to leave me here at BYU-I for her husband.. RUDE! :P) Well she came over, we got hot coco and watched the Dark Knight, it was so fun to see her, I miss living with her. Sunday I got to see all of my family (for a short minute) and me and Monica hit the highway. When we hit Draper, there was a mass amount of cars and traffic, at which I ALMOST got off the freeway, but decided to not.. and because of that we were stuck in traffic for an hour... and only drove a mile and a half. [I wish my family would of told me about this when I left :( ] So i was sad, me and monica were going to meet up with Melina, but didn't have time after the Traffic... so we drove just over a four hours and got back to Rexbarf.

The last two days I have been a little sad, missing my best friend since I never got to see her after Saturday, but I'm fine now, I'll be going back to Utah for Conference weekend, and most importantly MELINA's 20th B-day!!!!! [we plan on baking a cake, I'm so exciteeeeeeeddd! :)]
I had a fun night last night too. We went to Danny (Brittneys boy) parent's house and she cooked dinner, and I actually drove Danny's truck for him (thats two trucks within one week! hah) and I helped him out on his farm and got eggs from the coop. We watched the Biggest Loser and it was fun ,Besideeeeeees that I had homework so I left early. This having classes everyday early in the morning is killing me. I am always tired its no fun :( I am feeling better now, ...well now that it's the middle of the week :P.

So pretty much, I love it here in Rexbarf as far as my roommates they are hilarious and I love listening to their stories [especially monica cause she is soo funny.. and crazy in love with this one boy I swear (don't even worry!!) ;)]. but I miss utah, the people there, and I miss not having homework.. but you do what you gotta doooo! Until next time blog.



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  1. Sister!!! Welcome to the blogosphere! Believe it or not, I used to be able to put my legs behind my head. Now, not so much.

    Let me know if you want some help customizing your blog...I know the secrets :)

  2. hahhah.
    "crazy in love with this one boy" haahahha