Monday, October 12, 2009

My "I need a break" weekend

Dear Friday-----
I missed my class this morning cause I had so much to do before I left at 4 for Utah, like my math retake, which went okay. The girl that drove me down was awesome. She was married, from Utah also,and it was just us in the car, but we talked the ENTIRE car ride, I really haven't ever talked that much in the drive from Idaho to Utah, I'm used to just having music was a blast though. She dropped me off at Best Buy and I got Melina's car and went to the Mall as I waited for her to get off work, and wow I miss shopping at malls! it was sad knowing I had no money to buy all the cute things I liked.... but maybe thats a good thing :P Sooooooo.. Melina finally got off work, almost an hour late, and we rushed to Applebees due to hunger. It was really yummy, and of courseee nice to see my best friend again, she makes me so happy, and I was totally needing a break from Idaho (already? yes already, even though it was less than a week I had been there)
When we got to her dorm I found out that the Jeans i got from China, the True Religions... I SOLD THEM ON EBAY FOR 100.... yay profit! So that made me happy, and again, we just passed out for bed that night.
Saturday Melina went to work early morning once again, and I slept in for a while hahah sucker :P but I thought I would do homework...umm nope I just talked to sarah and shipped my jeans off in the mail. When melina came home we hung out and at 6 we went to the movie Couples Retreat , which I thought was really funny, I liked it a lot, altough there was one part that was a little dirty, but I couldn't help but laugh at it. Me and melina accidently got a LARGE popcorn, it was huge, and both of us are too shy to tell the guy we didn't want it, but the sad thing is we pretty much ate all but an inch of the popcorn...ha ha, gross. After we went to the store and bought items to make nutella crepes :P when we got home we made some delicious crepes which I had like 3 of them, we watched the end of Men in Black with Klysta and then we passed out, but this time we slept on the futon in the living room...ha ha it was so comfy.
Sunday I had to re-make crepes again under Melina's order :P and everyone had a few more, so pretty much I'm pro now :) Afterwards we made a music video, which I still need to put together, but it is really funny, we did it to Black Eyed Peas - Lets get it was a lot of fun recording and hanging with Meli and Klysta. Me and Melina went out and got a bite to eat, watched some TV again, and slept on the futon again :P

Monday- we got up in the morning, everyone went to classes and I waited for my ride to come and pick me up. My ride was an hour late and unfortunately Melina's first class was canceled so we both ended up doing nothing while being stuck in two places ha ha. The drive to Rexburg was good though, I liked the girl and we talked most the time, and it made me really tired so I just stayed home and slept. So pretty this week was amazing and I had a great time.

I also have finally decided that I am horrible at always saying random, dumb, unnecessary comments that don't really make sense, i'm so in my own world, I just need to keep lots of my thoughts to myself.

Me MelinaKlysta

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