Friday, October 9, 2009

could I get anymore behinddd....?

Yes friends, I went to Utah last weekend, and I went to Utah again this weekend!!! hahah
two Fridays ago was great (melina's birthday), I went to class, hung out/packed...and drove to Utah with Jen, Jess, and some other girl I didn't know. Once we got to Riverdale, after getting lost, Jen dropped me off at Best Buy after a QUICK drive from Rexburg... dang gurrrrrrrl! hah. We hung out there for a little, saw cute little Melina working in her blue collared shirt, and they left.. and I waited for Meli to get off work. It was so excited to see her on her birthday!!! We went bowling with Melinas rooomates, it was fun... I sucked (I think I got a 53) hahah but we took lots of fun pictures and then after me, mel and sarah went and ate and I got a CHICKEN sandwich... so much for not liking meat anymore(some meat I still don't like though) but I loved the sandwich! oooh and before bowling Sarah made Meli a cute cake and we ate some, mmm, and then we just chilled the rest of the night, it was nice.
Saturday morning - work for melina. We got up bright and early, I took melina to work, and I told her I had a surprise for her when she got off of work and I would pick her up (how awesome is she? she trusts me and lets me use her car all day) anyways, I treated myself to some yummy Nutella Crepes at Ihop...hah, i felt like a loser being there alone, but I really enjoyed the food. After I went to a CAR WASH! (her car was pretty bad, mostly on the outside) and before I left, sarah told me not to wash it and put too much effort into it cause it was just going to rain...hah, but I didn't believe her.
At the car wash I realized I had no cash but two dollars, and I didn't know you couldn't swipe a card for the self car wash, so with one dollar I had already bought an air freshener, and with the other buck I got 4 quarters, and searched melina's car for another 4 so I could start the wash. With one minute left to wash her car clear, the owner came up to me offering a free air freshener (hahahah) so as I was picked what smell to get, there was 30secs left and the thing kept beeping annoyingly, so I was like "hangggg onnn" and I went to find another quarter but couldn't, so the wash ended with a completely soapy car, but I got a free air freshener, yeah?
So after that failed, I went to the Auto-car wash and swiped a card for the $4 wash so I could get the soap off. After that the owner walked up to me AGAIN, handing me a drying towel saying "You can leave with a wet car! why didn't you get the carwash with the dryer included?" So I told him I already spent 3 bucks on the other one, so he then said he would pay for another wash so it would dry it off....HAHAH (thats THREE washes now!!)

So after that, I detailed melina's car, made it look beauitful inside, and felt happy, even though that was such a long process....heh. I watched conference with Meli's amazing roommate Klysta, and I picked Mel up at four. She was sooooo happy about her car :) it was awesome, so after that she took me to Pizza Factory...YUMMMMMMMmmmm, thats like my favorite. We got a pizza and Pasta, which may I say was amazing, tortelini!!! And we stuffed ourselves full. After we drove to Lehi together, which was so fun, and she let me drive. I miss driving everywhere with her like we did in the spring and summer, it brought up lots of fun memories. We stopped by Maverick, got some goodies, and went to my house to watch a movie, which really just turned into sleep. Yay! oh and P.S., I miss my bed...and bedroom, and just being in Utah everyday.

Morning came, I watched some conference, Melina left me to go to a Birthday Lunchhh, and oh yeah.... it RAINED, so those 3 car washes did nothing lol. Jen picked me up at 2. On our way back to Idaho, just 3 of us this time, I had a feeling jen was going to get pulled over, but I thought it was just a whatever thought, so said nothing... but sure enough (after jen and jess fought about what music they listen to on sunday...which I found funny) jen got pulled over right out of Blackfoot...SAD! She got a ticket for $75 going 11 over and we returned to Rexburg.

Monday we went to some Random city out of Rexburg for FHE, and not going to lie, it was sooo fun, we played games and had some delicious puff pudding stuff, but getting to the city was the hard part... we kept getting lost lol. But that is what makes things fun...if you aren't alone getting lost haha. So pretty FHE family is awesome.

Things with Estef still make all of us laugh, and her friends who we call "hobos" or should I say "Hoe-bo's" They just like to walk in, with the bags of food, cook, sleep, whatever, and we don't like the way that they dress most the time, but we are handling it good, because we are always able to laugh it off.... because as me and Brit say "IT'S HARD TO BE H--O-T!" ......I also like how she mostly just talks to me, but its cool, I think she is a cool girl, with friends that don't always think about what they do. OHHHHHHHH and I forgot to tell about the one time I stole her friends car because he left his keys on the couch, so I went to move it a few spaces, and umm YEP he noticed and flipped out...but when they asked about it, I said nothing. ha ha, I didn't want to get punched in the face, but it was such a rush taking someones car I didn't know and moving it hahah. (the funniest thing is he was like "THEY USED MY GAS TOO! THAT MAKES ME SO pissed!" Yeah right kid. hahah
This past week was hard, I was overwhelmed with classes, with what I had to do, and mostly my math class. I thought about all of that too much, and was just putting myself down, it was even making me have sad dreams where I felt like everyone was putting me down...maybe it was cause it was that time of the month too?? hmm? But I made an effort to start working out more, to get strong again, I've realized how weak I've become :(...But whatever I sucked it up on Thursday night... all of my overwhelming non-sense thoughts, and my Mighty Monica invited me to the Rex to go get Sub Zero ice cream... Mmmm, and I then snuck into a 4 buck movie.. Cloudy with a chance of meatballs..... it was so funny, so I never left even thought I thought I would of, plus Monica's friends are cool so I enjoyed being there with a break about thinking of my homework.

So since we are pretending this is Thursday, tomorrow yes, I am going to Utah, AGAIN. could I be anymore predictable??? Probably. Ha Haaaa. Bet that never crossed your mind. Out of 5 weekends, only one has been spent in Rexburg the whole weekend, I'm such a home body!

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  1. haha i love how you are wearing my glasses here and then those other pics of you with my vest, scarf and sunglasses. hah.